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All BRITA filters provide high filtration performance while effectively reducing a number of substances that can negatively affect taste or odour such as chlorine. Additionally, BRITA filters are easy to install, set up and store.


BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge:

The innovative BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge provides up to 4 weeks and 150 litres of fresh, filtered water. Its ion exchange resin reduces both carbonate hardness (limescale) and metals such as copper and lead. The activated carbon reduces substances that can impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds (where present).


BRITA MicroDisc:

The compact and powerful BRITA MicroDisc filters up to 150 litres of water and lasts for up to 4 weeks. Its ActivSelect feature stops unwanted elements that impact the taste of water, such as chlorine, while allowing minerals like calcium and magnesium to pass through.

Both the BRITA MAXTRA+ and MicroDisc filters have been designed for quick and easy installation.


BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge:

Simply fill a jug or bowl with water. Immerse the BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge in cold water and shake it gently to remove any air bubbles. Insert the cartridge into the funnel of the jug and run water two times through the filter. After having discarded the first two litres, you are now ready to use your BRITA filter.


BRITA MicroDisc:

Before using the MicroDisc for the first time, place it under running water and lightly rub both sides with your fingers for approx. 30 seconds. This effectively removes any loose carbon dust that may be present.

You should ideally store your BRITA water receptacles in a cool place, for example in the fridge. You should also ensure the receptacle is not stored in direct sunlight and you should use the water in the receptacle within one day.

No. BRITA water filter systems are designed for use only with municipally treated tap water or with water from private supplies which has been approved as safe to drink.

MAXTRA+ cartridge life depends on the local water quality, for example on water hardness. The BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge filters up to 150 litres in regions with hard water (primarily based on a carbonate hardness of 12° to 14,5°, the German degree of hardness). To ensure optimum performance you should change your BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge every 4 weeks. To remind you of the next cartridge change, your BRITA water filter jug is equipped with a cartridge exchange indicator.

In general, the MicroDisc should be replaced every 4 weeks for optimal performance. To ensure this, many BRITA products come with a convenient electronic indicator that monitors the life of the filter and notifies you when a change is necessary.

All BRITA filter systems help to greatly reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. Due to their high recyclability, BRITA components make a positive and sustainable difference on the environment.

If properly stored, all original BRITA cartridges can be kept for several years. Proper storage includes a temperature between 1°C and 50°C, with no direct sunlight or heat, while the cartridge remains sealed in its original package. (Please be aware of different regulations in several countries, for example Russia uses an expiry date.)

fill&serve Mind and fill&go Vital are dishwasher safe up to 50°C. They may also be washed by hand using warm, soapy water and a sponge. The fill&enjoy Fun should be cleaned only by hand with cold and lukewarm water. Please note that the BRITA Memo in the lid is not dishwasher-safe and should not come into prolonged contact with water. To avoid discoloration, never fill with liquids and juices that easily stain. For more information, please refer to the instruction manual.

Ideally, you should use filtered water within one day. Should your BRITA water filter not be in use for a prolonged period of time (for example while you are on holidays), BRITA recommends that you take out the MAXTRA+ cartridge, discard any water left inside the BRITA water filter and loosely insert the MAXTRA+ cartridge again.

BRITA offers replacement parts (upon availability) for its products. For more information, please contact the local BRITA distributor.

Yes, with the practical fill&go Vital, you can enjoy filtered BRITA water anywhere. Simply fill with tap water and you are ready to enjoy!

The new and improved activated carbon MicroDisc filter, for use in the BRITA fill&go Vital, lasts 4 weeks.

Definitely, because just one BRITA filter is capable of filtering 150 litres of water, or 300 half litre water bottles.

The fill&go Vital is a sensible and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and helps to reduce their use. And that's a win-win situation for your wallet and the environment.

The drinking bottle is made of high-quality, BPA-free synthetic material and has been certified as food grade quality by the German Technical Inspection Institution.

Yes, all components of the BRITA fill&go Vital drinking bottle are dishwasher safe.

The drinking bottles come in four trendy colours: pink, blue, lime or purple.

The innovative activated carbon filter reduces contaminants that can impair odour or taste in drinking water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can pass through the filter.

The fill&go Vital water bottle can hold up to 600ml of water.

Before using the fill&serve Mind water filter carafe for the first time, clean it with a mild detergent. Clean the fill&serve Mind water filter carafe regularly either by hand or in the dishwasher (max. 50°C). Note: The BRITA Memo embedded in the lid is not dishwasher safe.

The fill&serve Mind is designed to improve the taste of your tap water for cold consumption. The filtered water is safe to be used for the preparation of hot drinks but does not protect your appliances against limescale.

Press and hold down the start button on the lid until all four bars appear in the display and flash twice. The BRITA Memo is now set. The flashing dot in the bottom right-hand corner of the display indicates that the Memo is working. One bar will disappear each week, and the remaining bars in the display indicate the remaining lifetime of the filter device. Please remember to replace the filter at least every four weeks to ensure the optimum performance of your BRITA product, and to maintain optimal hygienic standards for your filtered water.

No worries, due to abrasion small carbon particles can be found in the packaging and in the filtered water. These particles have no negative health effects. If ingested, they will not harm the human body. Should you observe carbon particles, BRITA recommends flushing the filter MicroDisc thoroughly on both sides under running water.

The BRITA fill&serve Mind is 290 mm high and has a diameter of 102 mm. Its state-of-the-art material provides exceptional transparency while being lightweight and shock resistant. It can hold a total water volume of 1.3 litres (funnel volume of 0,5l litres), is designed to easily fit in a refrigerator door and comes with the handy BRITA Memo, which monitors filter disc life.


Thanks to its powerful ActivSelect technology, the new BRITA MicroDisc effectively reduces taste-impairing substances while allowing valuable minerals to pass through. Each MicroDisc is made of natural carbon from coconut shells and has millions of tiny pores. These pores trap and lock away unwanted elements. The result is fresher, better-tasting water with every sip.

Your BRITA fill&enjoy Fun should be washed only by hand using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Avoid any abrasives, even baking soda, as they will dull the finish and/or leave scratches. When finished, dry with a soft towel or leave out to air dry. 

Open and close your water filter with the BRITA Swing Opener – it turns filtering water into fun. To open: just press down the rear part of the lid and the nozzle opens automatically. To close: after use, press down the front part of the lid. Now your water filter is shut, so what’s inside stays fresh.

Sometimes a cup of tea or a glass of water is all you want. Cup and glass icons inside the funnel indicate how much water needs to be filled into your filter. That saves you time, since you can fill it with exactly as much water as you need and the smaller amount takes less time to filter.

Simply grab the back of the funnel and pull upward.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun is designed to provide you with freshly filtered water. It is especially well suited for small households with lower water consumption. An additional, practical feature is the embedded cup icons on the filter, which aid in filtering the right amount of water needed at that particular moment.

Yes. Please close BRITA fill&enjoy Fun when it is not being used. This ensures that your filtered water maintains its freshness, and it ensures the best hygienic standard.

Although BRITA fill&enjoy Fun has a relatively tight seal when placed upright, it should not be laid on its side, as leakage may occur.

Press and hold down the start button on the lid until all four bars appear in the display and flash twice. The BRITA Memo is now set. The flashing dot in the bottom right-hand corner of the display indicates that the Memo is working. One bar will disappear every 1 week, and the remaining bars in the display indicate the remaining lifetime of the filter device. Please remember to replace the filter at least every 4 weeks to ensure the optimum performance of your BRITA product and to maintain optimal hygienic standards for your filtered water.

Once the BRITA filter cartridge has been exhausted, the water will still pour through the filter, but the reduction of the substances will become less and less effective. It will not leak impurities back into the filtered water.

The BRITA fill&enjoy Fun has been designed to easily fit into the refrigerator door. Its dimensions are 27.6 x 17.5 x 9.2 cm and it can hold 1 litre of filtered water with a funnel volume of 500 ml. The BRITA fill&enjoy Fun comes with the convenient BRITA Swing Opener, BRITA Memo cartridge life indicator and free a MAXTRA cartridge.

The icons on BRITA fill&enjoy Fun allow you to filter exactly the amount of freshly filtered water you desire. Each icon mark stands for approximately 250 ml.

The jug, the funnel and the lid are made of polypropylene (PP).

Yes, it is designed to fit in all standard refrigerator door shelves.

It is 25 cm in height, so it also fits under all standard sinks and basins.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun is designed as a space-saving product, allowing you to easily store it in your refrigerator and thereby freeing up more space in your kitchen.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun comes in up to four trendy colours: pink, blue, lime or purple.